Limu Marzan

Information Technology & Services call me a Delivery Manager, colleagues and friends call me Limu, family from long ago call me Limboy. For some people I’m Lem and my angry mom call me Limuel!

I love exploring places, meet and make friends with a bunch of locals to get some tips on places to eat, drink and chill-out. I lived in three countries (Philippines, United States & Singapore). I love sports, like literally every sports. Now, I am into Tennis and Beach Volleyball. I am easy going person and almost down to anything. I am very Independent and openminded. I am not trying hard to fit in. I always try to be myself.

When I travel, I focused on food and relaxations. I don't focus on whats cheap or the most expensive or what to see, I am trying to find what I think is the best.

Where I am now? Currently, Licking roads and building of The Republic of Singapore.