Yosemite National Park

To its greeneries, tall sequoia trees and granite cliffs, fresh pristine cold waters from its strong free waterfalls, This natural park offers the best experience for your family, friends and anybody who just want to wander.

Grand Canyon

Natural beauty! Grand Canyon is utterly, absolutely mesmerizing! You’ll be impressed by its vast wonderfully patterned rock formations that will make your jaw dropped in awe and excitement. Thanks to our nature for giving us these priceless gift!


Yellowstone National Park

This is the biggest geothermal activities that I saw. The smell of sulfurs all around the place, the flakey particles with warm air make it an unfamiliar place. Oh! yes it smells like a poop.

Here are some of the Geothermal features that I captured during my visit to America's very fist national park.

I also captured some wildlife but I will post it with some of my unexpected animal encounters. Unluckily there are no Foxes, Coyotes and Bears during my visit. But It's ok it means there are reasons to come back.

Glacier National Park

Who else went here during winter/spring season? Or, is there any other Pinoy been to this park aside from us on this weather? I am actually really curious about who else been here. We hate cold freezing weather. Well, who doesn't? This park is located in the western region of United States you actually can smell Canada here.

From Helena, We checked out from our hotel early and hit the road, This is the last park to visit on our epic Vegas to Seattle road trip. We are all really tired. I can sense that everyone wants the trip to end and dreaming the comfort of our own bed. I think the only thing that holding us together is that we are near Seattle and there is a Jollibee "Langhap Sarap " there! Oh my Jolly Spaghetti with Chicken and Extra Rice! and then we feel alive and remember that we are still on target and on track.

Driving for days across the capital cities and suburban areas of the United States is one of the best experience. I realized how big the country really is and how diverse it is as a whole. I learned that It does not just the tallest buildings and the state of the art architectures defines its beauty. It is also the gift from nature that make this country unique and blessed. Truly "God Bless America" is the perfect word.

We didn't spend much time in this park because most of the access roads are closed due to avalanche from last night. But I manage to snap some photos. Hope you guys like it.